Dewarisan Holdings

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dewarisan holdings

Helmed by the group chairman, Dato' Mohd Nasir Datuk Abu Mansor, Dewarisan  is fully committed to playing a lead role especially in the info-comm area. 70% of the senior management in the group comprise of engineers of which, all have been involved in the telecommunication industry in the last twenty five years and are directly involved in the daily operations.

It is a holding company for all equity and stakeholder interests in the group including one-off collaborations with strategic partners in the industry.

dewarisan associates

A member of Dewarisan Group of Companies, Dewarisan Associates ( DWA ) is a vibrant breed of professionals in the field of engineering and interior design specialities. Structured to specifically address projects in the Public sector ( Government owned ) ,the list of projects include a government office in Putrajaya , the Police HQ in Bukit Aman and the UIAM Dental Faculty in Kuantan. 

DWA also developed and operated a web based project management tool for the telco industry which was widely used by MCMC, Celcom, Digi and Maxis for the Time 2 project.

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dewarisan broadband

A subsidiary of Dewarisan Holdings which was setup in order to focus on High Speed Broadband (HSBB) projects in Malaysia. Dewarisan Broadband is a licensed ASP operator in bringing Gigawire and Gigawifi technology from Korea via Korea Telecom and its manufacturers. Speeds of 1 gbps over copper wires will enable customers to enjoy "fiber-like" experience without laying fiber cables in the last mile.

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dewarisan corporation

A consultant based Project Management Company wholly owned by Dewarisan Holdings Sdn Bhd. The main intention is to serve the ICT industry so that these companies may focus in on their core business activities. Project managed 2,500 telco towers from 2005-2009 for the Time 2 rollout. That project has been acknowledged by industry peers as one of the best managed projects over the last decade.

dewarisan infrastructure

Dewarisan Infrastructure (DWI) was set up as the Engineering, Procurement & Construction ( EPC ) arm of the group. The activities undertaken include the supply, installation and commissioning of telecommunication towers in Kelantan and Pahang under the MCMC USP programme. A total of 77 towers were completed in the challenging rural areas of Malaysia which enabled these 250 feet towers to accommodate cellular antennas and microwave links to existing / adjacent towers. DWI was also assigned to install fiber optic and copper cabling systems for Gigawire.


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Aduka jaya

Aduka Jaya started off as the In-building contractor for TM Cellular. After years of inactivity, the company was revived in 2013 and is currently involved in the distribution of halal certified products for the Muslim mass market throughout Malaysia. There are plans to re-introduce our own products namely the NATALIA range for expectant mothers.